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A very warm welcome


You are welcome to stay in one of our three-star guest rooms upon reservation. Please send us your details and wishes without obligation. We will then look together with you for an optimal arrangement and a warm and carefree stay.


Check-in possible from 16h30. Check-out till 11am on day of departure.

Reservation is necessary. Cancellation possible up to 1 week in advance. All information regarding check-in, cancellation and payment options can be found here.

Pets are not allowed.



Please reserve via email.
Be sure to include your mobile phone number and full address. Please mention if you possess a gift voucher when making a reservation. 

We will always send you a confirmation.
Only then is your reservation final.

Vacation days

We are on leave from June 17th to June 28th, 2024.

Traveller review award 2024

Pontstraat 61
9690 Kluisbergen